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05th Jun 2023

Man submits application to make sex a competitive sport in Sweden

Charlie Herbert

Sweden sex sport

He had plans for a six-week ‘sex championship’

A man in Sweden has submitted an application for sex to be recognised as an official sport in the country.

Dragan Bratic, who owns a number of strip clubs in the Jönköping area of the country, applied in January to enrol the association as a member of the National Sports Confederation.

Bratic was apparently eager for people to use sex as a way to train, and as part of his application he highlighted the physical and mental benefits that regular sex has on humans.

“We are registered, have an organisation number and it’s perfectly okay to train and compete in sex, then it’s a sport like any other,” Bratic told P4 Jönköping.

“The incorporation of sexual orientation as a part of sporting tactics will be a ground-breaking development among European countries.”

Bratic joined forces with the Swedish Sex Federation to call for a “six-week sex championship.”

He envisioned this being made up of 16 disciplines, including seduction, body massages, foreplay, oral sex and endurance.

The competition would be made up of 20 people from different countries, who would be judged on factors such as creativity during sex, artistic communication and sexual positions.

A panel of three judges would also take into account chemistry between the couple and their knowledge about sex to ultimately decide the championship winners.

The competition format would see individual matches in each discipline lasting 45 to 60 minutes, according to reports.

And you thought some Olympics events sounded exhausting.

It may not surprise you to hear though, that Bratic’s application was unsuccessful in the end, with the National Sports Confederation rejecting his request earlier this year.

Björn Eriksson, who was the chief of the sports body at the time, said: “It [The application] doesn’t meet our requirements and I can inform you that this application has been rejected. We have other things to do.”

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