The 10 most Googled questions about sex - answered 4 months ago

The 10 most Googled questions about sex - answered

And no, how to screw like a pornstar is not on the list

If you've ever wondered how to be better at sex, this story is probably for you.


Analysing Google Trends, WeThrift, has come up with a list of the most searched for sex questions over a one-month period.

And answered them.

Your welcome!


10. How do I make a woman orgasm?

The female orgasm is the supercollider to the male orgasm's bendy straw. Where most men can tug the snake for a few minutes and feel complete, 58 per cent of women admitted to faking orgasms in a study by the Archives of Sexual Behavior.

So it's no surprise this question made the list with 3,400 searches.


Becoming an orgasm machine is no easy feat, not least because every woman is probably going to want something different. But ultimately most should know what they like, so just ask them.

9. How to have a threesome?

The study recorded 4,100 searches for this question in one month alone. As long as you passed basic maths then threesomes should be relatively easy to figure out. However, they are often a Pandora's Box of issues, so make sure everyone is completely on board, consent is exchanged, and you don't envision it like your favourite porn video.


8. How to use a dildo?

While it's not apparent whether these 5,100 searches came from men, the basic instructions are the same. For either sex, the most important thing is comfort. Take it slow and treat it as an experiment because you need to figure out what you like. While some people enjoy a slower tempo, others think of themselves as Sonic the Hedgehog.

Cosmopolitan suggests: "Experimenting with different angles of insertion can help you stimulate your G-spot, too. And, some dildos are specially curved to find your G-spot for you!"

7. How many calories does sex burn?


With 5,300 searches, a lot of people are wondering whether they can cancel their gym memberships and take to the bedroom instead. Healthline says that men burned 101 calories during a 24-minute session, while women burned 61. However, this is ultimately dependent on your sex style and whether or not you are binging Netflix during the deed.

For context, the average burger contains 295 calories.

6. How to prepare for anal sex?

Six thousand six hundred people searched for this.

Sex writers at Cosmo suggest that education and hygiene are a top priority for this sexual act. Kits for cleaning are available for purchase at just about every drug store, but if you want to keep it low-key, then you can also buy them from Amazon.

While anal sex is intimidating at first, you'd be surprised how easy it becomes after a brief period of adjustment. Take it slow, breathe, and remember you can always say stop.

5. How to last longer during sex?

We've all seen it in films - that depressing moment when the guy finishes quicker than Boris Johnson can deny any responsibility, for anything. No surprises then, that this is a top search for 10,000 people.

Nearly half of men finish within two minutes, New Republic reported in 2014, and though this is sad at first, there are a whole host of reasons why it could be happening. If you don't have sex or masturbate a lot, this could be the cause, but you may also need to look into medical reasons like premature ejaculation.

Between 30% and 40% of men experience premature ejaculation at some point in their life, suggests a 2020 study from the Cleveland Clinic. So, men, you're not alone.

4. Why do I bleed after sex?

Eleven thousand people searched for this over a single month. Pharmacist Abbas Kanani at Chemist Click said: "Bleeding after sex can be an indication of an STI, such as chlamydia or gonorrhoea.

"For older women, menopause can cause vaginal dryness, and the lack of friction can cause bleeding from friction.

"Polyps are non-cancerous growths in the uterus, which can be aggravated by penetration, causing bleeding after sex."

Kanani continued to list potential causes, which include endometriosis, vigorous sex, and UTI's.

Ultimately the expert said: "If you experience bleeding after sex with an unexplained cause, you should visit your GP."

3. Why does it hurt when I have sex?

"There are several reasons this could be. If you are a female experiencing pain, a common cause is lack of lubrication," Kanani said, of the question searched for 13,000 times.

"Vaginismus is a common condition affecting women, where vaginal muscles tighten involuntarily during sex."

While Google can be helpful in learning about your body, the best course of action is always to seek medical attention.

2. How to increase sex drive


Research has found that 25,000 of us around the world are Googling the answer to this question.

"Low sex drive, or loss of libido, is extremely common in both men and women," said Earim Chaudry MD.

"There are a variety of internal and external factors that can affect your sexual desire, from your hormone levels to your sleeping habits, stress, and anxiety."

1. How to squirt

With a staggering 84,000 searches in a single month, it would be fair to say that the world is obsessed with squirting.

"The first step in learning how to squirt is masturbating. Pleasuring yourself more frequently can increase the probability of orgasms, as it makes them more accessible," said one expert at Wethrift.

"The next step is to increase arousal through stimulation of the female G-spot."

They explained that placing one hand on the bladder while the two fingers touch the top of the vagina creates pressure that can cause an orgasm. But squirting is a skill, and practice always makes perfect.

They added: "For partnered sex, creating a strong connection is important in achieving female ejaculation. Use foreplay and set the scene with intimate candles, music to enhance the quality of the experience."

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