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28th Jun 2023

Man demands ‘royalties’ from girlfriend’s OnlyFans earnings

Charlie Herbert

Man demands royalties from girlfriend's onlyfans earnings

‘If I’m going to allow this to keep happening, I think I should be financially rewarded as well’

A man has sparked anger after saying his girlfriend should pay him ‘royalties’ for the money she earns through OnlyFans – because he allows her to do it.

Despite the fact that he doesn’t feature in any of his girlfriend’s content that she posts on the subscription-based platform, the bricklayer believes he’s entitled to a share of her earnings, which he said can be up to “$15,000 a month.”

Phoning in to the Kyle and Jackie O radio show in Australia, the man, called Dmitri, said: “I allowed her to start [OnlyFans] because times were a bit tough and finances were hard to come by. Now that she’s raking in all this money I feel like I’m just being pushed to the side.

“She’s making big dollars. At the moment she’s keeping it all to herself – it’s pretty frustrating. I just don’t think it’s fair.

“She sits at home and sends her photos. I allow her to do it and we had a talk about it.

“She’s happy to buy herself fancy shoes and bags, but I’m still paying for dinners. If I’m going to allow this to keep happening, I think I should be financially rewarded as well.”

The man argued he deserved some of his girlfriend’s cash because he ‘allows her’ to make OnlyFans content (Getty)

Outraged, radio presenter Jackie ‘O’ Henderson challenged the man, saying: “You can’t be entitled to someone else’s money because you’re ‘allowing’ them to do something with their body.

“That’s her body. You don’t have a right to say, ‘I allow you to do that.'”

But Dmitri was having none of it, saying: “I trust the relationship. It’s just getting to a point now where I feel like it’s gone too far.”

A number of listeners then called in to call out Dmitri for his attitude, the Mail reports.

One woman said: “My issue is with the language you’re using. If he had said he’s supporting his partner in doing this, different matter, then they can support each other financially. You don’t have the right to ‘allow’ her to do that or tell her what she should give you.

“I feel like you’re focusing on the money and the allowance of her.”

Dmitri then told the caller that he was both “supporting” and “allowing” his partner to do what she wants.

“But if I want to put my foot down, I’ll put my foot down,” he said.

Another man then phoned up and sided with Dmitri, claiming that his girlfriend was “disrespecting” him by making OnlyFans content for other people.

He said: “She’s disrespecting you, bro. Wake up to yourself. Are you for real?

“She’s your girlfriend, she’s your woman.”

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