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16th Jun 2023

Playboy founder Hugh Hefner’s son started an OnlyFans to help pay for Pokémon cards

Steve Hopkins

‘This is a way for me to get an income so that I can buy that Pokemon card that I really want’

Hugh Hefner’s son has joined OnlyFans – to help fund his Pokemon habit.

Marston Hefner, the heir to the Playboy dynasty, has told New York Post’s Page Six that he’s earned more than $100,000 (£78K) from the adult subscription service.

The 33-year-old said his wife, Anna Lambropoulos, is supportive of his “dreams”, but says he joined the platform against her wishes.

The content creator, who is one of the late Playboy founder’s four children, described his adult entertainment endeavour as “a long-term avenue for further financial security”.

“I really like comic books, I really like Pokemon cards – I’m a collector,” Hefner explained to Page Six. “This is a way for me to get an income so that I can buy that Pokemon card that I really want.”

Hefner continued to the publication: “It makes a big difference. I’ll be able to own a Pokemon trophy card very soon.”

Pokemon trophy cards reportedly sell online often for more than $100,000 – with some selling for considerably more.

Hefner, who describes himself as “bisexual af” on his OnlyFans page, said his wife was “not crazy” about him being on the platform and would prefwr he wasn’t.

“She would rather me not be on OnlyFans, but what’s more important to her is me pursuing my dreams, or my interests – taking risks,” Hefner told Page Six.

Hefner said he developed a “progressive” view on nudity growing up in the Playboy mansion. His mother, Kimberley Conrad modelled for the magazine.

But he stressed there was a “demarcation” between nudity and pornography that was “hammered home”.

“I grew up in an environment where that was kind of hammered home – there’s nothing wrong with nudity, nudity is normal,” he explained.

“(But) I grew up with this demarcation (that) Playboy is not pornography. As progressive as I was, I was still taught to stigmatise whatever pornography is, and I just don’t care to do that. If people have sex and they make money from it, cool.”

In a post on June 6, he says his OnlyFans experience has been “a wonderful journey so far” and that he was “grateful” to his subscribers.

Hugh Hefner’s estate was reportedly divided between his four children who sold its shares for roughly $35 million.

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