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18th May 2023

OnlyFans star horrified after discovering her stepdad was her number one subscriber

Steve Hopkins

He had been in her life since she was 11

An OnlyFans model has revealed her shock and the fallout in her family after she discovered her stepdad was her number one subscriber.

In a TikTok that has now gone viral, Taila Maddison said the discovery “ruined my mum’s” marriage.

The content-creator, who lives in Newcastle, Australia, explained that when she launched her account on the subscription service, “I had this customer, who was my number one customer, who bought every single thing I sent him”.

Maddison said she would chat with her person every day and he would make “custom requests for very specific things”.

After about two months the user had spent around $2,000 – just over £1,000.

But the stepdad’s dodgy secret came unstuck when he viewed Maddison’s TikTok. He had a very “specific user name” on OF and had the same one on TikTok.

The platform let Maddison know her content had been viewed “be someone in your contacts”.

“I went absolutely mental trying to figure out who that person was from my contacts. I narrowed it down to sex people and one was my stepdad,” she explained.

So, she messaged him saying, “I know who this is”.

“And within two minutes I got a text back from my stepdad saying, ‘Can we talk?'”

But rather than trying to get ahead of it, the stepdad chose to completely deny it.

“But obviously my mum got rid of him straight away,” she said.

“But if you want to talk about family trauma, my stepdad watched me have s-e-x with my partner for two months.”

In a later video, Maddison explained that the man had been “in my life since I was 11 years old”.

She also revealed what content requests he made.

The stepdad always wanted to know what underwear she was wearing every day and would request pictures of her in it. He also wanted her to record solo-content in her room.

Users were left stunned by Maddison’s confession, although one made clear that she had not ruined her mum’s marriage, the stepdad did.

One wrote: “Ohhhh, that’s so bad.”

Another said: “I was imagining earrings and necklaces and was thinking, ‘That’s sweet, he’s supporting your business’.”

A third commented: “Dude, this would be so emotionally damaging for you! Make sure you seek someone to talk to.”

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