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23rd Jul 2023

Inside the country where £100 makes you an instant millionaire

Jack Peat

YouTuber Drew Binsky shows how to spend a long weekend in the ‘world’s cheapest country’

A YouTuber has travelled to the ‘world’s cheapest country’ to show how far £100 can go over a long weekend.

Drew Binsky has visited every country in the world since 2012, but he says that one Asian country is among the cheapest nations on Earth.

Uzbekistan, wedged between Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan, is known for its spectacular mosques, mausoleums and, most importantly, seriously good exchange rates.

Visitors to the country will become instant millionaires by handing over just £100 (1.5 million Uzbekistani Som).

And they’ll be able to live like a millionaire too, with a large meal and a beer costing a little over £3.

Visiting the double landlocked country with his wife for five days, Drew’s travels took in the cities of Samarkand and Bukhara.

The Texan video creator and social media personality, who has visited all 197 countries since 2012, said in the clip’s caption: “Uzbekistan is just a magical place inside and out, with some of the most stunning ancient wonders and lovely, down-to-earth people that will just make you smile.”

In the short film he said: “When people hear of a country that ends in ‘stan’ they usually think danger.

“But this country is quite the opposite.”

Drew’s total spend on food, drink and accommodation featured in the video totalled around £130.

The five-day trip included hotel stays for a little as £27, large main meals for £2.30, beers for around £1.50.

Other bargains picked up on the visit included a litre of freshly squeezed pomegranate juice for 30p (40c), half a kilo of cherries for around 80p, and a silk dress of £11.60.

He also gave insights into the history of the Central Asian country, its people, buildings, and the process behind making a popular, large, long-lasting bread, samakan.

Drew concluded: “The last 100 hours travelling around Uzbekistan with Deanna has been everything we hoped it to be, and it is now one of our favourite countries and cultures in the world.”

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