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07th Nov 2023

‘I accidentally cheated on my wife and now she says she’s allowed an affair’

Charlie Herbert

‘She claims her affair is ok because I cheated on her and I set the precedent’

A husband who admitted to cheating on his wife has revealed she has since had an affair with another man that she believes she was entitled to.

The unnamed man shared his story on Reddit, explaining how he and his wife, 29, had been married for five years. However, in the second year of their marriage, he had a drunken one-night stand.

This resulted in the couple going to therapy together and eventually working through the incident.

But the husband has since found out that his wife has been cheating on him with another man. When he confronted her about it, she argued that she wasn’t in the wrong because he had set a “precedent for allowing infidelity.”

Taking to the ‘True Off My Chest’ Reddit thread, the man asked fellow users whether he “deserved” to be cheated on and how he should handle the situation.

He wrote: “So ya I know I messed up. I (32M)cheated on my wife (29F) 3 years ago. We have been married for 5 years and the 2nd year of our marriage I cheated on her in a drunken fling.

“She forgave me and we went to marriage counseling, but 3 days ago while my wife was in the shower I went through her phone and found the texts confirming she was cheating.

“I felt so betrayed so I confronted her after she got out of the shower. She claims that it’s ok because I cheated on her and I set the precedent for allowing infidelity.”

The man argued that his cheating was a “1 time drunken thing” with a stranger, but that his wife “stormed off” when he said this.

He finished by saying: “She left for work Friday and I haven’t seen her since. I know she’s with him and it hurts. I feel I deserve this but at the same time I want my wife back. What do I do?”

Many offered their thoughts on the situation, with one person writing: “She didnt forgive you. She just stopped talking about it.”

Another person agreed, adding: “When my first husband cheated, I said I forgave him just to move on. As it stewed even more, I would go through intermittent feelings of anger, rage and hurt.

” Eventually I just went numb. I didn’t care. He went back to her and I said have fun because I plan on having a great time while you stay there.”

A third said: “Well this relationship is dead. Be grateful you don’t have kids.”

“This marriage is dead so you divorce,” another person said.

Someone else had no sympathy for the man, commenting: “You were 29 years old and cheated on your wife – not 18 years old getting drunk for the first time at college.”

And another user wrote: “The relationship was over the minute you cheated.”

The man ended up adding an update to his post, revealing that his wife had told him the relationship was “over and that she no longer loves me.”

He added: ” I managed to track her location and find out who the person she’s cheating on me with and Dave if you read this f**k you! I honestly can’t wait to get divorced now.”

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