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25th Oct 2023

Wife causes outrage after complaining of £82k a month ‘allowance’ from husband

Charlie Herbert

‘Can I have some of your problems?’

The wife of a multimillionaire in Dubai has revealed what the “worst things” about her life are – including “only” having a monthly allowance of £82,250.

Linda Andrade lives in Dubai with her husband Ricky Andrade, who has made his millions as a cryptocurrency trader.

The 24-year-old met her husband when they were both 16, and now spends her days shopping for luxuries and documenting her life on social media.

Her latest video on TikTok has prompted a reaction though after she suggested her life was “not for the weak” and highlighted some of the downsides to life as a millionaire’s wife.

At the start of the video, Linda is standing in front of a Tiffany & Co store before it changes to show her next to her pet cheetah at home, as she explained that her husband’s favourite animals are “exotic and scary.”

Linda then shared some examples of the messages she gets from friends, which included one which reads “Can I have $700,000?”

She then adds: “Everyone’s always asking me for money.”

Next, we see Linda at the spa, which she explains she has to go to because she’s “so stressed.”

Other downsides to her life included “getting fat” from all the luxurious food she eats, and her husband who is “too busy for me.”

She then adds that Ricky is in charge of her monthly allowance which is now “only $100k (£82,250) a month.”

As you might expect, there wasn’t a lot of sympathy for Linda in the comments, with one person writing: “Can I have some of your problems?”

A second commented: “My fam is so broke we have $48 on our bank account no joke!”

Another sarcastically wrote: “Such a hard life…”

The one problem from her life that did elicit some sympathy was that her husband had no time for her.

One person said: “Having time for you is the greatest gift. All the stuff in the world does not make up for time.”

Another penned: “The ‘he’s too busy for me’ would be it for me, regardless of the lifestyle he provides.”

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