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14th Feb 2024

Huge Valentine’s Day poster pops up in Dublin and everyone’s thinking the same thing

Joseph Loftus

Huge Valentine's Day poster pops up in Dublin and everyone's thinking the same thing

Happy Valentine’s Day one and all.

It’s February 14 which means that it’s the most romantic date in the calendar year for all of those in relationships – unless your name is Paul.

That’s because a huge hunt is currently underway for a mystery man known only as Paul after a huge poster was unveiled in north Dublin this morning.

The poster, which appeared in Phibsboro, reads: “Paul, tell your wife about us or I will!!!”

The message continued: “Happy Valentine’s Baby. P.S. I’m pregnant.”

The poster is then signed off with a love heart and the single initial T.

Understandably everybody is taking to social media to ask the same question: “Who’s Paul?”

One person wrote: “I wonder how many Paul’s in that area are absolutely sweating right now.”

Another commented: “Paul is getting it tonight, but not what he thinks!”

A third wrote: “Somewhere in Phibsboro, there’s a Paul that’s currently sh*tting himself.”

While a fourth added: “Every Paul in Dublin is having an awkward conversation with the wife tonight.”

Another wrote: “Not all Paul’s are this bad. I promise!”

Whoever Paul is, he’s certainly not having the best Wednesday of his life.

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