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15th Feb 2024

Man sends brilliant response to boss who tried to cancel his holiday

Charlie Herbert

Man sends brilliant response to boss who tried to cancel his holiday

A TikToker has shared the story of how a man’s boss tried to cancel his annual leave at the last minute because of staff shortages.

Michael Sanz makes videos on TikTok about stories sent into him by followers, and this one concerned a text conversation between an employee, Noel, and their boss, Nick.

Sanz read out the texts between the pair whilst offering his own opinion on who was in the right and wrong.

The conversation starts with Noel being told by his boss that he has had his upcoming annual leave cancelled because of the departure of another employee, Jenny.

Boss Nick explained that he would need Noel to help out more following Jenny’s departure, so had informed HR that his leave was cancelled.

Understandably, Noel wasn’t happy with this and explained that the leave was for his brother’s wedding in Bali. All the flights and accommodation were booked and his kids were also part of the wedding party so he was unable to cancel the leave.

He did offer to “help out more until I leave” though.


The boss was having it though and instead said Noel would need to cut his leave short then if he couldn’t cancel, suggesting he only fly in and fly out for the wedding and “then take three days over the weekend instead of the three weeks.”

The employee made clear again that he couldn’t change his holiday and suggested his boss hire some temporary staff to help out while he was away.

His boss simply responded: “Mate, can’t stress enough, your leave is cancelled, we just can’t do it. I’m sorry.”

At this point, Noel’s patience ran out, and he informed the boss that he would be taking his leave immediately – and may not come back.

He wrote that he would be thinking about whether he wants to return to a company that “doesn’t promote boundaries.”

Throughout the TikTok, Sanz praised the employee for his measured responses, whilst criticising the boss for his conduct.

He captioned the post: “As a boss, you can’t just cancel your teams leave, especially when it’s booked so far out.”

In the comments, many couldn’t believe how the boss had acted and suggested some blunter responses they’d have sent themselves.

One person wrote: “Response should have been. ‘You’ll need to find 2 new hires. Regards from Bali.”

A second agreed: “I would have replied, Hi Nick, take this as my resignation. Would not have even entered into a conversation with the boss.”

“Quick fix – Boss has to tell Jenny not to resign because they are too busy and need time to find a replacement,” someone else joked.

And others had their own experiences from their working lives, with one person writing: “The owner of the company I work for constantly texts me on weekends and public holidays, I get it his business but the guy doesn’t work and I do.”

Another recalled: “A new company bought out the one I used to work for and they wiped out all of our PTO and I had a trip planned and they told me I couldn’t go. I quit.”

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