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27th Sep 2022

Ex-girlfriend of British dad who ran away with Ukrainian refugee won’t take him back

Steve Hopkins

Tony and Sofiia’s relationship made them famous – but four months later, it is all over

The former partner of a British dad who ditched his family to run off with a Ukrainian refugee he welcomed into their home has spoken out after the new couple split up, saying she “knew it would end in disaster for them”.

Tony Garnett, 30, left his partner of ten years, Lorna Garnett, for 22-year-old Sofiia Karkadym just 10 days after she arrived at their Bradford, West Yorkshire, home having fled Ukraine after Russia invaded in February.

Four months on, the security guard now claims that he has broken up with Sofiia and thrown her out of their rented home. According to the MailOnline , Tony has accused his now ex-girlfriend of not being able to handle alcohol, using a knife to damage a wall and interfering with his relationship with his two daughters.

Lorna, 28, the mother of Tony’s children, has told friends she knew the romance would “end in disaster”, but was surprised it happened so quickly.

Due to active court proceedings, Lorna is unable to speak about Tony, but her friends told The Sun, that she would not take him back “in a million years”.

She added:”‘He has thrown away so much. He can’t see me because of a restraining order and he hasn’t been seeing the children. But it’s hard to feel any sympathy.”

Tony earlier told the Mail he is “100 per cent” through with Sofiia, with matters coming to a head on Saturday while they celebrated his 30th birthday at their home in Bradford. Police were called after Tony alleged Sofiia damaged a wall with a knife.

Tony told the publisher he had become “fed up” with what he described as Sofiia’s irrational behaviour, saying: “I can’t take her abuse or anger any longer.

“I left Lorna and my two children for her, and I made every extra effort I could to help her keep us together.

“I worked so hard to make this relationship work. I knew that we would look like tw*ts if we broke up because we have a media profile and all the attention that has been put on us on television and on the internet.”

Tony said he also “genuinely felt sorry” for Sofiia who he cared for deeply: “I felt and I thought I was in love with her. But there is a side to her which I just cannot put up with any longer.”

He told the Mail that he would contact the local council and Home Office to try and get Sofiia re-housed.

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