Dad who left partner for Ukrainian refugee is now her full-time carer after she became partially blind 1 month ago

Dad who left partner for Ukrainian refugee is now her full-time carer after she became partially blind

Tony Garnett left his partner of eight years for Sofiia Karkadym

A British dad who left his wife and kids for a Ukrainian refugee the family were hosting has now given up his job to become her full-time carer.


Tony Garnett, 29 and from Bradford, hit the headlines in May after leaving his 28-year-old partner, Lorna Garnett, who he had been with for eight years, for 22-year-old Sofiia Karkadym.

Karkadym fled her home in Lviv after Russia invaded Ukraine in February, moving in with Garnett, his partner, and their children under the Government's refugee scheme.

The Bradford dad, who owns his own security company, sponsored Karkadym. Just 10 days after she moved in, Garnett left his family to start a new life with the refugee.



Karkadym suffered an eye infection en-route to the UK which caused her to be partially blind, Garnett has now revealed, saying she will need six months to recover after an operation.


Garnett told Metro how he's had to give up his job to become Karkadym's full-time carer "because she hasn’t received a national insurance number yet and can’t work I’ve had to fund everything myself".

He added: "I don’t get anything for being her carer because she is not claiming benefits. It’s the right thing to do, I can’t be a man without looking after my woman. But it’s not about money, we just want to get on our own feet and start our new chapter in life as soon as possible."

The local council has told the couple they need to make adaptations to their new accommodation, such as to the windows and fire escape, before they can claim support under the Homes for Ukrainians scheme.

"If the landlady can’t do it we’ll need to find somewhere to live," Garnett said, "But our long-term goal is still the same, we are hoping to go into business and make a life together."



Earlier this week, Garnett told Yorkshire Live the couple are doing "brilliantly" - though he isn't allowed to see his kids anymore.

When Garnett left his partner, Lorna told The Sun on Sunday that Karkadym had "decided she wanted him (Garnett) and she took him" and that her former guest "didn’t care about the devastation that was left behind".


"This is how Sofiia has repaid me for giving her a home," Lorna said.

Karkadym has reportedly faced significant backlash since news of her new romance broke, with Garnett saying she had received around 100 messages from members of the public.

The couple have both posted a picture of a written note on their Instagram accounts stating: "Anyone who believes lies about you before hearing your side of the story as already looking for a reason to be against you."