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05th Aug 2021

Emotional moment footballer comes out to his teammates

Kieran Galpin


Brave footballer comes out to his team

Homophobia in football is as rampant as the racism we saw during the Euros. But there are moments that are guaranteed to put a smile on peoples faces, and most recently that was at Sheppy United.

Jahmal Howlett-Mundle stood with his teammates gathered around him, bearing his soul not just to them, but to the legions of fans who would soon hear of the news.

Speaking to the Club for an interview on their website, Howlett-Mundle had the following to say:

“I’m not the type of person to reveal large parts of my personal life and usually keep myself to myself. I certainly felt it was the right time to be honest with myself and my loved ones and by being open about my sexuality, maybe it will give others the confidence to follow suit.

“Football still has room for improvement in terms of players coming out and being themselves, but with the likes of Thomas Hitzlsperger and Thomas Beattie having done so, it’s slowly starting to evolve. We have seen other sports people like Gareth Thomas (Rugby) and Tom Daley (Diving) come out years ago and they are great role models for people like me.

“I believe I’ll be a better version of the Jahmal you already know. Whatever anyone’s sexuality, you should not be treated any differently – I’m just as hungry as any other player to step onto the football pitch and give my all to win for our team and our supporters.

“I always wished I had somebody that looked like me, that grew up where I grew up and played football to look up to when I was younger”

Marcel Nimani, Sheppey United Assistant Manager, also commented on the news:

“Jahmal is a great footballer and leader for us on the pitch and an inspirational influencer off the field. In the 21st century, sexual orientation of a person is a normal existence in our society, but unfortunately in football it’s not quite the case.

“Bravery acts like Jahmal’s play a massive part in normalising members of the LGBTQIA+ community within football. I believe these acts go a long way in supporting many struggling sports people.

“I thank Jahmal for the trust that he has put into our club and we as a club are fully supportive of Jahmal in what is an emotional time for him.”

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