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12th Jul 2023

OnlyFans star Elle Brooke reveals weirdest request ever received

Alex Roberts

Elle Brooke

‘Men will pay you to degrade them!’

OnlyFans star Elle Brooke has revealed the weirdest request she ever received through the app.

The controversial 25-year-old influencer recently sat down with JOE for an exclusive interview as part of the ‘Everything You’ve Wanted To Ask‘ series. Brooke discussed her route in to the adult film industry and how it paved the way for her burgeoning boxing career to take off.

Brooke, who fights this Saturday at Kingpyn Boxing in Dublin, Ireland, also delved deep into her family background – particularly, their thoughts on her dropping out of law school to pursue social media stardom.

“They [referring to her family] aren’t exactly advocates for it [OnlyFans], but they accept that I’m a person over 18 who can make their own decisions.”

Brooke was studying Law at the University of Southampton when she took the plunge and dropped out to pursue an OnlyFans career.

On the reason why she dropped out of law school, Brooke’s response – “Money!” was blunt yet defiant.

“I guess I could always go back to law school if I wanted to and finish my qualifications, but right now I want to be an entrepreneur. I want to earn money, make money and invest money. I don’t want to go back to school; that’s pretty boring.”

Asked to name the weirdest request she has ever received on OnlyFans, Brooke said: “I get so many, but the strangest one for me is that men will pay you to degrade them.

“For example, being paid to tell someone to go and lick a toilet. That’s incredible.”

Requests have gone even further, however.

“They’ll want more and weirder things – like, weirder, weirder, weirder. You have to use your brain and imagination on how to degrade a person.

“They’ll want videos of you showing pictures of their penis to your friends and laughing at them.”

Brooke tries not to judge, but finds it hard to comprehend how anyone gets aroused by such content.

Watch the full interview below, or by clicking here.

Kingpyn High Stakes Tournament takes place at the 3Arena in Dublin, this Saturday, July 15th. Headlining the event is Brazil’s Whindersson Nunes and social media influencer King Kenny as well semi-finalists, Elle Brooke, Jully Poca, AnEsonGib, Jarvis, 6ar6ie6 and Emily Brooke.

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