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15th Jan 2023

Dog leaves owner in fits of laughter after finding a huge sex toy instead of a stick

Charlie Herbert

Dog leaves owner in fits of laughter after finding a huge sex toy instead of a stick

A game of fetch did not ensue

A dog left her owner in shock when she went foraging for a stick, only to come back with a sex toy in her mouth.

Manuel Barcia, 50, was out for a lovely walk in the park last week with his 15-month-old Golden Retriever, Ahsoka.

As usual, she went off to find a stick to bring back for Manuel, and disappeared into some long grass.

But it wasn’t a stick that she sniffed out this time, as she came running back with a massive vibrating dildo in her mouth.

Manuel said he burst into fits of laughter before realising he would have to somehow get it out of Ahsoka’s mouth.

“She’s always carrying a stick, or something similar. Being a retriever she always brings sticks back, or rocks,” he said.

“She went off and found it in the long grass. When she came back, I couldn’t believe it.”

“I was laughing for a solid five minutes before I pulled myself together to go and get it off her somehow.

“I thought I would have to take it out her mouth, which I wasn’t very keen on.”

Worse still, Ahsoka was pretty reluctant to let go of the item and leave it behind in the park.

Manuel said: “She wasn’t too happy I made her leave it behind. She didn’t want to let it go.”

But, thanks to some much more appealing dog treats, Manuel convinced her to put it down and didn’t end up having to handle the item.

“I got the treats out and convinced her to put it down so I didn’t have to pick it up. Then I hooked her on her lead and we quickly left,” he explained.

“I guess it’s still there in the grass somewhere.”

And Manuel was certainly able to appreciate the incredible comedy of the situation, adding: “I don’t take myself too seriously, I just found it hilarious. I think I put my back out laughing.”

A dog walk to remember.

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