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13th Sep 2021

Woman claims her sex toy nearly killed her and burnt down her apartment

Kieran Galpin

Sex Toy

So powerful it had to be plugged into an outlet.

A woman has revealed how her vibrator nearly killed her and burned down her apartment.

Posting to the r/Confessions subreddit, the woman says she used the vibrator and forgot to unplug it. Lost beneath the sheets of her bed, the vibrator almost caught fire.

She wrote: “I woke up with the thing going beside me because I got super drunk last night and rolled on top of it which flicked it on.

“It’s completely melted, and my whole apartment smells like burnt plastic.

“I honestly think it was minutes away from setting my whole apartment on fire, which is both embarrassing and terrifying.”

She added: “Moral of the story always unplug your vibrator smh.”

Reddit users have been quick to offer their advice, though the best advice would probably be to unplug it after use.

“You should definitely contact customer care of the brand you got it from, that’s very dangerous and not up to hazard standards. These things should go through testing to ensure safety of use, and that doesnt sound like it passes. Might even be able to get a refund, since you say it was expensive,” wrote one user, to which the original poster confirmed that the vibrator was $70.

But other Reddit users were quick to say that it wasn’t a product fault but due to the careless nature of the original poster. “She forgot to unplug it for weeks from the charger it was clearly overheating.”

“They should turn off automatically after a certain amount of time,” says another.

“At the gates of heaven. ‘I got hit by a truck, how about you?’ ‘Dildo fire,'” wrote the joker of the century.

“I’m surprised that the vibrations didn’t wake you up. You must’ve been WAY out of it,” another wrote.

Moral of the story: Play safe folks!

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