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26th Aug 2022

Woman shares scary clip of dancing ‘nightmare neighbour’ who ‘carved X on her door’

Danny Jones

Creepy neighbour dancing CCTV footage

Despite reporting it to the police, the woman seems oddly calm considering

A woman on Reddit has shared some extremely creepy footage of her nightmare neighbour dancing outside her house in a Michael Myers mask.

Shared by user Shelbym806 earlier this week on the popular r/BadNeighbors subreddit, the unidentified man can be seen approaching her door where she was forced to install a security camera after weeks of harassment, before he inexplicably begins dancing and sticking two fingers at the lens.

Despite having raised the issue with local police, Shelby seems oddly calm and even admitted that the man’s behaviour is “sometimes entertaining”. As you can see in the clip below, on this occasion he simply stands outside her door dancing while wearing the mask.

Nevertheless, the befuddled Redditor says this is one of 14 different instances in which he has subjected her to “name calling, rude gestures and attempts to scare”, though thankfully never violence. In one of the most disturbing instances, she claims he even carved an X into her door.

She says the pair were initially on speaking terms before he became inappropriate and began turning up at her door at all hours, day or night. Eventually, after nine months of bizarre and inappropriate behaviour she called the police and he is now being investigated.

She also says that she only had the front door camera installed about two months ago, meaning she hasn’t been able to capture the majority of his antics – not that it seems to have stopped him anyway. The camera also has a speech feature; Shelby says “I’ve wanted to say something and make him s**t himself, but I’ve always been asleep when he pulls this crap.” Please do.

Posting an update in the comments section, the user revealed that the man “pleaded not guilty”, so she is now preparing to take him to court where she hopes he’ll get to see the footage for himself.

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