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12th May 2024

Eurovision viewers stunned by singer ‘with his penis out’ during live performance

Charlie Herbert

finland eurovision

It was a memorable performance to say the least

Eurovision fans were left gobsmacked by Finland’s performance after one of their singer’s appeared to have a wardrobe malfunction during the show.

On Saturday night, the annual song contest took place, with Switzerland taking home the famous silver microphone.

Singer Nemo won with their song The Code, which was a mix of opera and hip-hop, whilst it was a a familiar tale of Eurovision disappointment for the UK, with Olly Alexander finishing in 18th place with his song Dizzy.

But for many, the most memorable performance of the night was probably that of Finland’s Windows95man and his song ‘No Rules!’

Whilst the song was a classic dose of Eurovision insanity, the staging also stuck in the mind. After Windows95man emerged from a giant egg to start the song, the whole performance was staged to make it look like the singer was naked from the waist down, with conveniently places objects and clever camera angles always covering his modesty.

UK commentator Graham Norton did make it clear to viewers at home that the Finnish performer had a beige patch covering his manhood.

But when he decided to change into some very short denim shorts for the grand finale, it looked a bit like Windows95man’s beige crotch patch had finally let him down.

Windows95man appeared to suffer a wardrobe malfunction at the end of their performance

One of those who thought they caught an eyeful was British tennis star Andy Murray, who posted on X: “Is there a chap on stage with his Boaby out at the Eurovision? Didn’t expect to see that on BBC1”

A number of others voiced their astonishment at the whole performance.

In the end, Finland didn’t get the result they’d have been hoping for. After finishing second in last year’s contest, they could only manage a lowly 19th placed finish this year.

Who know what the Finns will come up with for 2025…

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