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16th Jun 2023

AI used to create Harry Potter where everyone is stacked

Charlie Herbert

Ripped Harry Potter

Can’t unsee ripped Dobby and Dumbledore

Whilst some of the world’s greatest computing minds try to work out if artificial intelligence (AI) is going to end up killing us all, many of us have been using it for much more silly projects.

Such as this one, which asked an AI to recreate a version of Harry Potter where everyone is ripped – and the results are certainly likely to stick in your mind.

The bizarre creation comes from the YouTube channel, Fantasy Images, who use AI to make spoofs of a number of films.

The description on this particular video credits the generated images to Midjourney, voices to ElevenLabs and speech animations to D-ID.

Titled ‘Harry Spotter – The boy who lifted’, the adaptation begins with a ripped Dumbledore asking: “Harry Spotter, did you skip leg day again?”

‘Harry’ then hits back at his mentor: “Every day is arm day, sir.”

In a nod to the famous Half-Blood Prince scene, the Hogwarts headmaster then says: “It’s your job hurry to make sure I keep drinking this protein shake. Even if you have to force it down my throat.”

When Potter asks why he can’t drink it himself, Dumbledore points out the obvious and explains: “Because I need to bulk Harry!”

Almost every major character you can think of gets the ‘steroids-five-times-a-day’ treatment.

Voldemort comes out with the line “There is no good and evil – there is only weight and those too weak to lift it,” whilst Sirius Black gives the pertinent advice “If you want to know what a man’s like, take a look at how much he benches.”

Along with seeing what he would look like ripped, this also shows us what Voldemort would like like with a nose (YouTube/Fantasy Images)
Siriusly ripped (YouTube/Fantasy Images)

It’s not just humans who get the AI treatment though, with Hedwig and, harrowingly, Dobby also being transformed into Shreddie Mercurys.

Very difficult to unsee these (YouTube/Fantasy Images)

You can watch the whole bizarre creation below, featuring appearances from Hermione, Ron, Luna, Draco and Neville.

This isn’t the only ripped imagination of a major film franchise. You can also find a Star Wars version of this on the YouTube channel, along with not one but two sequels to the first Harry Potter video.

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