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29th Sep 2022

This powerful new clip highlights all of the reasons why suicide is never the answer

Ann Cronin

Brought to you by CALM

“You might feel like you can’t carry on, but I promise there’s so many reasons to stay.”

It’s no secret that we have a serious mental health crisis on our hands here in the UK.

Someone contacts CALM’s helpline every 59 seconds for help, while recent data for the Office of National Statistics of England and Wales revealed that 6.9% more deaths by suicide were recorded in 2021 than in 2020, showing that figures are returning to pre-pandemic levels. And with men accounting for 75% of all suicides, it’s urgent that we do everything we can to tackle the issue.

Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) has re-launched their Stay campaign, to show anyone that might be struggling that someone in their life wants them to stay.

CALM wants to reach those who are contemplating suicide, to show them that there’s always a reason for living and there’s always hope that things can get better.

One word, one reason, one moment of closeness, can mean another day alive. But these can be the hardest words to find or say. Talking about suicide can seem awkward and uncomfortable – but it could also be the most important conversation you ever have. So we need to make talking about suicide a normal part of how we look after each other and ourselves.

Whether that’s checking in on your mate with a quick text message to show someone you’re thinking of them, taking a minute to call that family member you haven’t spoken to in a while or planning a couple of pints with a pal, there are so many ways to show a loved one that you care.

To kickstart this year’s campaign, CALM has created A Letter to Myself, a short video that sums up just some of the reasons why someone in your life might want you to stay.

In the heartfelt clip, we see a young man called Ash pen a letter to his past self, reflecting on a time when he was in a very dark place. Ash couldn’t see a way out. He was furloughed, had a new baby to look after but no job. Things got too much. He wanted to end it all, but he turned to CALM and the helpline staff helped him see there was a future.

In the letter, Ash tells his past self how things have improved since then, from a much-needed career change to his recent engagement. He highlights everything his past-self has to look forward to – and all the reasons he has to stay.

It’s a hopeful and heart-warming video that perfectly highlights the important message behind CALM’s Stay campaign, showing that things can always get better.

You can watch the full heart-warming clip below…

CALM wants everyone across the UK to know that someone wants them to stay. Find out more how you can help save a life here.

Brought to you by CALM