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06th Jun 2024

New PSP to have ‘full PS4 library and access to PS5 games’

Ryan Price

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New reports in the tech industry suggest that the new PSP will have full access to PlayStation 4 titles, as well as access to some PS5 games.

Russian tech journalist Anton Logvinov has reported that Sony is preparing a new PSP release and that PS4 & PS5 games will be available on it.

In a post on X, Logvinov stated: “By the way, I can confirm that Sony is preparing a new PSP for release, but damn – there are only PS4 games in the launch lineup, which are generally available on PC, and therefore on SteamDeck.

“Retail chains, by the way, are quite sceptical. Either Sony is doing something completely, or they are still keeping secrets from their partners.”

The post featured a promo image of what the PSP 3 could potentially look like.

Many people on Reddit have been reacting to the rumours, with one person stating that Logvinov is a fairly reliable source and has been spot on with news regarding PlayStation updates in the past.

“This random journalist was the first, if I remember correctly, who said that Sony would port its games to the PC,” they wrote. “Many did not believe him then. But it turned out that he was telling the truth.”

Another user commented: “I’m up for a new Sony handheld for sure, however if it is just limited to ‘PS4 games’, that doesn’t sound super appealing, again when we have handheld PCs that can do it all, though I guess there’s some PS4 games that aren’t on PC.

“I’m guessing/hoping it more means it’s powered similar to PS4, hopefully could still run stuff on PS5 at a lower res/fps, etc and it’s not actually a PSP either ha.”

Another person joked: “God I wish I went places so I could justify buying portables.”

Last month, speculation suggested that classic PlayStation 2 games could be coming to next-gen consoles in the future.

The PlayStation 2 is easily one of the most iconic games consoles of all time, and will probably have been the first proper console many of you owned.

By default, many of the games from that era hold huge nostalgia. But in the age of next-gen consoles such as the PS4 and PS5, it’s been difficult to play some of these games if you don’t own an original PS2.

Whilst PS1 games have been added to Sony’s PS Plus Premium tier in the past, very few PS2 games have been released on the platform.

This could be about to change though, with reports that a PlayStation 2-emulated title could be arriving for PS4 and PS5 users.

(Image: Getty Images)

According to Gematsu, Star Wars: The Clone Wars is set to be the first new PlayStation 2-emulated title to come to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 since 2019.

The publication reports that PlayStation Store price tracker PS Deals picked up a listing of the game on the PlayStation store.

The release date was said to be listed as June 11, and it will “likely be available as part of the June wave of Classics Catalog titles for PlayStation Plus subscribers.”

The description for game apparently read: “Experience Star Wars: The Clone Wars originally released on the PlayStation 2 console, enhanced with up-rendering, rewind, quick save, and custom video filters.”

If PS2 emulators became a regular thing on the PS4 and PS5, it would surely only see PlayStation surge further ahead of Xbox.

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