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30th Jun 2021

GTA 6 is reportedly not releasing until 2025

Kieran Galpin

GTA 6 is years away!

Grand Theft Auto V is still one of the most highly rated games of all time. The GTA universe has something for everyone, from the obscene violence to the car chases, to the customisation options, and of course, the business ventures! Oh, and the strip clubs, how could we forget the strip clubs? But there is bad news for gamers who are eagerly awaiting the next instalment of the franchise. You will have to wait a little longer because GTA 6 is not coming out until 2025.

It has already been eight years since the release of the critically acclaimed GTA V. Youtuber Tom Henderson, who previously leaked information on Call of Duty and Battlefield, has released a video that details his findings.

Details on the up and coming instalment are still speculation at the moment. However, some theories believe that the game will be set in the ’80s. However, Tom Henderson believes it will be set in a future version of Vice City. The Vice City instalment is still widely considered one of the best, and if Henderson’s theory is correct, it would mean that GTA 6 is based in Miami.

Henderson believes that Rockstar’s popular online features are getting a rework, with them adapting for a post-Fortnite playstyle. It will still be GTA Online, just with the occasional event to shake up the map, the characters, and the playstyle.

He also notes that GTA 6 could have multiple playable characters, with one being a female character. “She is going to be the bright one in the group,” says Henderson as he flies through a checkpoint on his stream. The world is a lot different than it was eight years ago, so Rockstar is going to have to make huge overhauls on its content. First stop, spend less time on how breasts bounce and more on making the online playable women not resemble NFL players.

Because GTA V is still booming online, Rockstar has no financial need to release the next instalment. They can sit back, grab a bev, and make sure all the boobs bounce the correct way.

You heard it hear folks; if you want GTA 6 sooner, we all need to stop playing GTA online!