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22nd May 2019

First images from Mario Kart mobile game released online


We have our first glimpse of the new Mario Kart game for smartphones

The beta version of Mario Kart mobile has finally been released to Android users in the US and Japan. Here are the first images from actual gameplay.

The game has faced long delays since being announced all the way back in January 2018 and there is still no firm date set for its UK release. That being said, a few months ago Nintendo claimed it would be with us by Summer 2019.

According to Nintendo Life, the smartphone version of one of their most iconic games sees players control their kart by swiping on the touch screen, with acceleration handled automatically.

The game is played vertically and appears to feature a selection of retro tracks that will be sure to please loyal fans – although is no sign of Rainbow Road just yet.

Here are the images that have been released so far: