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30th May 2018

Brand new Fallout game announced with teaser trailer and it’s time to return to the wasteland

Rory Cashin

“When the fighting has stopped, and the fallout has settled…”

On Tuesday 29 May, Bethesda Studios tweeted the following GIF…

In case you didn’t know, Bethesda are the folks behind games such as Rage, Dishonored, Wolfenstein, the Doom reboot, The Evil Within, and Prey.

However, it is their other major franchise that the above tease is in relation to: Fallout.

Discounting the first two entries in the series (which everyone else already does, anyway), Fallout 3 was released to huge critical and commercial acclaim back in 2008.

Since then, they’ve released Fallout: New Vegas in 2010, and Fallout 4 in 2015, so it makes sense that we’re getting a new game based on 4 (in much the same way that New Vegas was based on 3), rather than Fallout 5, as the production time between releases doesn’t quite fit.

And so, the official teaser for Fallout 76 is right here…

So, there we have it.

Like any good teaser trailer, it is just that – a tease.

Between the title and the presence of ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’ – a song that somehow wound up in the likes of Alien: Covenant, Logan Lucky and Kingsman: The Golden Circle last year – it would appear that we’re in throwback territory, even if the year does appear to be 2076.

As for the future of the game and when you get to actually play it?

This year’s E3 games expo kicks off in just two weeks, and the company has confirmed that we’ll “see more” at the showcase.

Whether that’s brand new footage, a release date, or even confirmation of which platform the game will appear on remains to be seen, but we’re hyped to roam the nuclear wasteland one more time…