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16th Apr 2024

Shocking Fallout sequence being compared to legendary Game of Thrones moment

Stephen Porzio

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One of the show’s stars told JOE he agrees with the comparison and spoke about the ‘wonderful reveal’ involving his character hidden within the scene.

Prime Video’s big budget adaptation of the video game series Fallout premiered last week to rave reviews from fans and critics alike, with the show even going on to earn comparisons to Game of Thrones.

As for why people have drawn a connection between the two series, it may have something to do with a major event that occurs in Fallout’s pilot episode.

Spoilers ahead, of course.

Described as the “story of haves and have-nots” in a post-nuclear war world in which there is almost nothing left to have, the show mostly centres around Lucy (Ella Purnell), a young woman who beings the story living in a fallout bunker with her father Hank (Kyle MacLachlan) and their community of survivors.

As part of efforts to repopulate the Earth, Lucy is assigned to marry a young man from a neighbouring bunker – something she is very excited about.

After the wedding ceremony, howeverr, it is revealed that this neighbouring bunker had already been in raided by a group of marauders from the surface, who slaughter many of Lucy’s community before kidnapping her father.

That being said though, before he is taken, the seemingly kind Hank reveals a more violent side to himself, beating Lucy’s husband/attacker with a shovel and drowning him in a vat of pickles.

Ahead of Fallout’s release, JOE spoke with MacLachlan – as well as his co-star Walton Goggins – about the sequence, noting that it was probably the worst thing to happen at a TV wedding since the famous ‘Red Wedding’ scene in Game of Thrones.

To this, the actor laughed and said: “Good analogy. Absolutely. I agree with you.”

When we asked if we would get to see Hank go “full action mode” in the show again, the actor pointed out that the scene reveals a lot about his character.

He explained:

“That sequence, when you see Hank, it’s actually a wonderful reveal. To that point, I don’t think his daughter has been aware [of] – or maybe he’s never shown her or had to show her – that side of him,

“So, it was important that she see that, talking about the violent sequence that you mentioned.

“[There’s] also the touch of glee that I think Hank embodies when he does this.

“He seems like someone whose very comfortable in doing the things that he did… I believe there will be more opportunities to see Hank in full on action mode in the future.”

We also asked MacLachlan if he would ever like to star in his own John Wick or Taken-style action flick, to which he replied: “Would I ever. That would be a dream come true. Let’s see if we can make that happen?”

Filmmakers everywhere, take note.

Fallout’s first season is streaming in its entirety now on Prime Video.

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