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01st Jun 2023

World’s first 18+ chocolate shop is not for the faint-hearted

Jack Peat

Choc horror!

The world’s first 18+ chocolate shop has opened – and it’s definitely not all sweet.

‘Goremet’ chocolate emporium, Lilith & Co, fuses an anatomical museum, an art exhibition and a shop.

It sells life-sized chocolate human skulls and femur bones, realistic looking ‘Demon Hearts’ and chocolate runes.


And 100 per cent of sales benefit gaming charity SpecialEffect, which transforms the lives of people with physical challenges.

The creations came from the mind of trained sculptor and chocolatier Sarah Hardy, to mark the launch of video game Diablo IV.

The sculptures displayed throughout the emporium including large scale Diablo characters, weaponry and iconography seemingly pulled through dimensions directly from the Diablo homeland, Sanctuary.


A spokesperson for Diablo IV said: “These chocolates taste as delicious as they look horrifying.

“The idea behind this concept was to prepare players for what awaits them in-game, with much more to discover in Sanctuary.

“Sarah Hardy’s work here is so vivid and realistic, you won’t want to eat it some of it – not just based on the way it looks.”


As visitors to the pop-up shop venture deeper into the bowels of the emporium, they will discover the dedicated gaming area in the stock room of the shop where those attending can play Diablo IV before its official release on June 6.

The Lilith & Co. emporium is named after Diablo IV’s main protagonist, Lilith, the titular demon villain of the entire series.

It will be open on Saturday June 3 from 11am-7pm, and Sunday June 4 from midday-5pm, for over-18s only.

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