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01st Jun 2023

Rishi Sunak wears his glasses in a really weird way

Jack Peat

Once you see it, you can’t unsee it

Rishi Sunak was described as a “broken ChatGPT bot” in his latest interview as the row over the disclosure of Boris Johnson’s WhatsApp messages and notebooks to the Covid-19 Inquiry escalates.

Speaking to reporters in Kent, the prime minister reiterated that the government has handed over tens of thousands of documents four times, and said it was doing so in the spirit of transparency and candour a similar number of times.

He also announced his crackdown on illegal vapes.

But onlookers couldn’t help but get distracted after spotting something rather unusual about his glasses.

As Sunak outlined his plans to improve regulation surrounding the marketing of vape products, many noticed that his glasses appeared to be nowhere near his ears, the arms seemingly resting a good inch above where you’d expect.

This awkward wardrobe blunder has prompted a number of curious questions and theories, with some wondering whether the PM had in fact “borrowed them from a child”.

Taking to Twitter, one baffled person queried: “I know that this is probably the least important aspect of this video, but why don’t his glasses reach to behind his ears?”

Another remarked: “Multi-millionaire Rishi Sunak wears glasses that are too small for him! Or are they some kind of James Bond device to help him ‘repeat the same answer three times’?

A third person tweeted: “An eagle-eyed follower pointed out that Sunak’s glasses don’t reach his ears and now I cannot stop noticing it.”

Watch for yourself below:

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