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01st Sep 2021

Vegan woman complains about the smell after neighbours cook meat outside

Danny Jones

Vegan neighbour complains about smell of meat next door

In the latest edition of r/AmItheAsshole, vegans are getting involved

If you’ve never been on Reddit and checked out the r/AmItheAsshole thread, you’re seriously missing out: we’ve found some corkers in our time.

One of the latest and most interesting entries on the popular subreddit we found is ‘The Curious Case of the Backyard Beef Jerky’ and the never-ending question: who is in the right?

Essentially, one bloke decided to play with fire (well, a dehydrator, to be specific) and make some beef jerky in his back garden. This might not have been so bad the first time around, but after his new neighbours – who happened to be vegans – came a-knocking and asked if he could stop due to the smell, he pushed on.

As you can read in the full post below, what started out as a polite request from some non-meat eaters turned into a flat-out demand: one which was met with defiance in the name of lovely, dried, smokey beef jerky.

So, who do you think is in the wrong? Should the vegan woman and her family be able and or expect her meat-loving neighbour to stop his hobby, especially when it only happens once every two or three weeks?

Or should the neighbour have done the decent thing, lead with kindness and consideration and shut down the jerky operation for the greater good? After all, he did say he could do it indoors but admitted that the smell is quite powerful.

It’s a dilemma, that’s for sure and yet another reason to visit the r/AmItheAsshole subreddit. Seriously, there’s some really morally divisive debates on there and plenty of daft stuff in between. Get amongst it.

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