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17th Mar 2018

New Arctic Monkeys album set to be released in May

Matt Helders revealed the news to a fan in a kebab shop. How all album release dates should be announced, quite frankly.

Kyle Picknell

Do you wanna know?

All good things, they say, come to those who wait. And we have waited. Now the good thing is coming. The extremely good thing. The new Arctic Monkeys album, to be exact.

The LP will be their sixth and was originally expected later this year, but after bumping into drummer Matt Helders in a kebab shop, one fan has revealed that it could be released as soon as May.

Helders, to his credit, was in there getting cheesy chips and gravy like any true Northerner. Which he really doesn’t look too pleased to be pulled away from for the photo, but nevertheless.

It was uploaded by George Evans on Instagram two days ago, and was taken in the band’s hometown of Sheffield.

This is exactly the way all album release dates should be announced – over a huge plastic tray of carbs at 4am in the morning. Take note all music execs and band managers, please.