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12th Jun 2017

This kid getting a colossal brain freeze after chugging a drink is the hero we need

Paul Moore

This is guaranteed to make you laugh.

Right, let’s look at some of the negative things that are doing the rounds.

There’s no football (apart from the Confederations Cup). We’re stuck in work throughout the summer. Political discussion in the UK has turned into one big shouting match. The weather is bound to be crap.

Ok, now the pros.

Game of Thrones is coming back. Music festivals are around the corner. Kids doing ridiculous things will always be funny.

Given that Professor Robert Kelly’s interview with the BBC being interrupted by his own kids was utterly hilarious, we’re firmly convinced that the cynicism and coldness of being  an adult can be softened by those glorious moments when kids act the maggot.

Well, if you’re in need of a laugh then this young man that suffers the worst brain freeze in history should do it.

When it comes to the Icee Chugging Contest that the Memphis Redbirds organised during their recent match, he wasn’t going to lose.

Just look at that commitment.

What a champ.