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08th Oct 2021

The UK has revealed its favourite meal deal, and the results might surprise you

Kieran Galpin

Meal Deal

Trigger warning: controversial data

Meal deals are something completely unique. While one person may be content with a chicken caesar wrap from Aldi, others would roll their eyes at the idea of going anywhere but Tesco. However the UK has now spoken on its favourite meal deal – and the results may scare you.

A study conducted by surveyed 2,000 people to gauge the public’s opinions on meal deals. Everyone’s favourite main is the BLT (bacon, lettuce, tomato to non-sandwich fans), which one in six of you would pick over any other choice. Alongside the BLT, most people opted for a fruit salad and a can of Coca Cola.

Apparently geography has an impact on your meal choice, with the above selection being most popular in London, Norwich, Leeds, Nottingham and Plymouth.

Other geographical locations prefer alternative drinks, with Cardiff, Sheffield, and Newcastle all opting for a Diet Coke instead of its full-fat sibling. Perhaps unsurprisingly, 17 per cent of Scot’s would choose Irn Bru over any other drink.

Just behind the BLT – with 13.75 per cent of the British public snatching it off the shelves – comes the chicken and bacon sandwich and behind that at 13.70 per cent is cheese and onion.

Though fruit salads are the top snack in the country at 17.55 per cent, Tangy cheese Doritos come in at second with 10.85 per cent.


“While some options, such as fruit and water, may be much more nutritionally valuable than other options such as crisps and Coca-Cola, our lunches are also something to look forward to during a busy day, to help us have a chance to take a break and enjoy,” said Sian Baker, Head of Wellbeing Services at Check My Body Health.

Another determining factor is age, with both Gen-Z and pensioners being the apparent outliers. As per usual, though, they don’t agree – with 17.02 per cent of pensioners choosing a prawn mayo sandwich and 20 per cent of Gen-Z copping themselves a cheese and onion sandwich at lunch. 

It’s also a sad day to be a prawn mayo sandwich, as figures would suggest that only 4 per cent of youngsters would choose that classic.

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