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27th Nov 2023

The definitive guide to a Christmas pub night out

In partnership with Greene King

Charlie Herbert

Christmas pub night out

The Christmas pub night out – it’s one of the great festive traditions

November is coming to a close, which means we’ve all cleared the final hurdle between us and Christmas.

The most wonderful time of the year is almost here, so it’s time to let the festive merriment commence and get down to the pub with family and friends.

Whilst office Christmas parties and fancy meals out are all well and good, there’s nothing quite like the beautiful simplicity of rallying the troops and just heading down to your nearest pub, and Greene King will be providing festive cheer by the sleigh-load, guaranteeing wonderful Christmas vibes.

So, whether it’s friends from home you haven’t seen in ages, or regular faces who you’ll never tire of, this is the guide to make sure you have the perfect Christmas pub night out.

1) Locate the Christmas jumpers

Christmas or not, you’ve always got to look the part and some festive attire is sure to get everyone in the mood for a good time.

As always with Christmas jumpers, the more garish and loud the better. Everyone needs to look slightly silly, and when else are you going to wear it?

Bonus points for anyone sporting other Xmas related paraphernalia – think Santa hats, antlers or maybe even a bit of tinsel.

2) Head to the pub

A pretty important step in a Christmas pub night out is actually heading to the pub. And no matter where you’re reading, you can be pretty confident that there will be a Greene King pub not far away that can sort you out.

Drinks, festive cheer and the occasional Christmas song or two, Greene King have the perfect locations for your pub night out this Noël.

3) Get the drinks in

You’ve made it. You’ve managed to herd the cats of your friendship group and get them all in one place. You’re in the warm. It’s time for the main event.

Head to the bar and reward yourself with your favourite festive tipple. If you’re feeling generous, maybe get a round in – it is the time for giving after all.

Sit down, relax, shoot the breeze with your pals and revel in festive cheer.

4) Give out your Secret Santa

Now this isn’t necessarily an essential part of a Christmas pub night out, but this would be the perfect time to dish out a Secret Santa you may have organised with your mates.

Gathered round a table, each of you nervously open the embarrassing/funny/surprisingly nice gift that has been purchased for £10 or less (the budget should never be more than this on a Secret Santa).

This is the only way Secret Santas should be handed out. There’s a brilliant suspense and excitement as you go round the group one by one, finding out who everyone had and what they’ve been gifted.

Stick all the gifts in a bag and then one person can play Father Christmas and hand them out once you’re at the pub.

5) Head home/head elsewhere

No one wants to be too hungover at Christmas, so you may want to call it a night there and head home in a wonderful haze of festive cheer.

Head home, maybe treat yourself to a bit of food, and sink into the welcoming embrace of your bed as you congratulate yourself on a night well done.

There you have it – a foolproof step-by-step guide to the perfect Christmas pub night out.

So get your boots on, throw on your big coat, and get on down to your nearest Greene King pub to bring in the season with those you love.