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05th Jul 2023

Prototype for world’s first ‘Fish & Chip Hotel’ launched – and it looks grim

Jack Peat

Fancy waking up in the chippie? Now you can…

Hotels come in all shapes and sizes these days.

There are wine hotels for wine snobs, gin hotels for gin snobs and even beer hotels for beer snobs where guests can tuck into beer fridges in the showers and in-room beer taps for frothy brews on demand.

But one gastronomic treat that has been given short shrift to this day is fish and chips – and there’s probably a good reason why!

A new prototype for the world’s first ‘Fish & Chip Hotel’ is set to be unveiled in Blackpool, and it looks pretty grim.

With the bed within a stone’s throw of the fryer and punters given full sight of the room, it looks like a drunken night out gone wrong.

But it is being billed as the “ultimate quintessential British experience” by Gala Bingo, which will also be holding games of bingo in the greasy lodgings to surprise visitors.

Inspired by the iconic bingo call 33, ‘fish, chips and peas’, the nationwide bingo hall will be hosting guests in The Jolly Good Fish & Chip Hotel room on the seafront.

A Gala Bingo concierge will be there to meet and greet guests and welcome them into the ‘five in a row’ themed suite, where they can test out the hotel bed, and have a cheeky selfie with friends, and experience what it would be like to spend a night in the world’s first Fish & Chip Hotel room.

Talk about being done like a kipper!

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