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22nd Jun 2023

Footage emerges of Domino’s testing jet suit delivery at Glastonbury

Jack Peat

WTF is going on!

Footage of a man in a jet suit delivering pizzas to the Glastonbury Festival has emerged on social media.

The event kicked off on Tuesday, with hundreds of thousands of people set to descend on Somerset for the fabled festival.

But early arrivers were given a shock after a delivery driver-turned-pilot dropped into campsites with food offerings from the local Domino’s store in Glastonbury.

Footage shared on social media shows the jet suit-clad delivery man taking off from the high street store before flying over the hedge-lined fields and landing on the site of the festival.

Natalie Dixon, a party-goer en route to the world-famous festival, reported seeing a “jet suit thing” fly over Glasto, saying it was “wild”.

Footage shows the delivery pilot popping two pizzas into a custom delivery box mounted on top of the jet suit before blasting off for the site.

He then orbits back to the store to feed more hungry campers!

Domino’s has confirmed it is trialling the first jet suit delivery at the festival, partnering with jet suit giants, Gravity Industries, to coincide with the town opening its doors for this year’s music extravaganza, which sees the original rocket man, headline on Sunday.

Sam Wilson, Domino’s Jet Suit Deployment Director said: “When we realised pitching up to serve slices inside the festival was impossible, we took inspiration from this years’ headliner to launch our own rapid delivery trial – it was a bit of a no brainer.

‘Every year we see huge numbers of random requests from festival goers trying to sneak pizza into the party, so this year we wanted to take a giant step towards and trial our very own rocket man service to help hungry campers get a slice of sky-high satisfaction in the future’.

On whether or not the new delivery service is the beginning of a nation-wide rocket-powered fleet, the Domino’s spokesperson added: ‘All we can say at this stage is that the idea has legs…or wings…or jets’.

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