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04th Jul 2023

Kopparberg launches ice bucket hat for festival season

Charlie Herbert

Kopparberg Ice bucket hat

You’ll stand out in a field with this on

While more than half of the UK’s 18-24s attended festivals in 2022, this summer’s festival sales are expected to surpass pre-covid levels.

But amid a cost-of-living crisis, festival-goers will be lucky to pay anything less than £6 for a pint at most events this summer.

So, in an effort to give young drinkers ice-cold style and drinks, Kopparberg has entered the chat with its latest drop: the Kopparberg ice bucket hat.

Featuring specially developed technology in the hat’s lining, this ice bucket hat will keep drinks cold for up to two and a half hours – saving festival goers money and time, with less trips to the costly bar.

You’ll be easy to spot in the crowd with this on (Kopparberg)

And the hat’s lining isn’t the only one of a kind; its unique look was designed by acclaimed artist Bernardo Henning – famous for his bold splashes of colour and other big brand collaborations including Nike and MTV – with the design brings a modern twist to abstract paintings from the late 1980s.

Bringing a much more literal sense to the bucket hat, this fashion accessory will keep drinks cold for 2.5 hours (Kopparberg)

Already a firm favourite for first-time Glastonbury performers producer Barry Can’t Swim and actress Nikkita Chadha, it’s likely we’ll see this ice bucket hat be the first on packing list for those wanting to enjoy ice-cold drinks during the UK’s hottest summer on record.

But don’t worry this summer must-have isn’t a celeb-exclusive drop, a limited run of the ‘Ice Bucket Hats’ will be available through a draw on Kopparberg’s social channels from July 3 to August 16.

Wrapping up the summer excitement, Kopparberg’s Head of Marketing, Rob Salvesen, said: “Kopparberg’s take on this summer’s iconic fashion accessory not only brings with it bags of style to keep you cooler than cool with Bernardo’s eclectic design, but also doubles as an ice bucket hat to keep your drinks ice-cold from the first sip to the last.”

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