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11th May 2023

Papa Johns unveils new pizza with cheese underneath the base

Charlie Herbert

Papa Johns cheese base pizza

Boldly going where no cheese has gone before

Cheese-lovers rejoice! Papa Johns has unveiled an unbelievable new pizza which takes cheese where it’s never been before – underneath your pizza.

We’ve had cheese on top of pizzas, cheese inside stuffed crusts – and now, cheese is conquering the pizza base. Papa Johns’ Crispy Cheese pizza flips the script by adding a thin layer of perfectly crisp premium cheeses to the underside of your favourite large Papa Johns pizzas – upgrading your pie to the ultimate cheese-lover’s dream.

A cheese-lover’s dream (Papa Johns)

Papa Johns promises ‘Better Ingredients. Better Pizza’ – and this proves that there’s nothing better than a whole new way to appreciate delicious, golden, crispy cheese.

Marketing Director at Papa Johns, Rebecca Rose, commented: “We’re giving cheese lovers the innovation they never knew they needed – even more cheese on your pizza! There’s no such thing as too much cheese and we’ve invented a flipping great new way to get your cheese fix.”

To celebrate this cheesy marvel, Papa Johns is launching two new topping combos exclusively available with the Crispy Cheese base – the Four Cheese Crusted pizza, and the Chicken and Pepperoni Cheese Crusted pizza, starring grilled chicken and spicy pepperoni.

Rebecca added: “And we’re not limiting our cheese ambitions to our two new flavours: you can enjoy the crispy, crunchy bite of our Crispy Cheese innovation on any of your favourite large meat or veggie Papa Johns pizzas, or create your own cheesy masterpiece with toppings of your choice.”

Papa Johns’ Crispy Cheese base is available on collection and delivery orders now – simply add the Crispy Cheese to your favourite pizza.

Papa Johns Four Cheese Crusted pizza is available from £14.79** and the Chicken and Pepperoni Cheese Crusted pizza from £21.78. Visit or download the Papa Johns app.

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