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04th May 2023

Fast food? Edible running shoes are now a thing

Jack Peat

Because we all get a bit peckish when exercising

Now that’s fast food – a pair of trainers designed to look like cheeseburgers.

Plant based company, Future Farms, has partnered with sneaker artist, Matt B Customs, to create a one-of-a-kind, vegan couture running shoe that’s good enough to eat.

The detail is second to none, from the realistic burger bun seeds to the texture of the meat, down to the movement of the lettuce.

Taking inspiration from the popular fast food, Matt B Customs hand painted the design onto the carbon neutral Hylo trainers using vegan paint – creating the sneakers ‘in a matter of days.’

They were created to celebrate the launch of the brand’s new burger in hope of highlighting how plant-based foods are not only good for the environment but can be plenty of fun too.

Matt B Customs said: “Part of the beauty of customising is bringing things together that wouldn’t usually be seen before and this project is a perfect example of that.

“We wanted to create something that looked both mouth-watering and illusive, but still housing it within a running shoe that’s clearly functional, and that’s why we left some elements of the shoe untouched.

“I loved working on this project, and it’s the first time we’ve wanted to take a bite out of something we’ve created.”

Only two pairs exist with the first to be listed on eBay and all proceeds going to the Rainforest Alliance.

The second pair is to be won via a competition which will take place on Future Farm’s Instagram page [].

The unique shoes will be served up in a burger-like bun box for the proud owners to enjoy as they wish.

To launch the trainers, Future Farms teamed up with ultra marathon runner and proud vegan, Flora Beverly.

Flora said: “’Everyone knows having enough protein in the diet is important for fitness and muscle growth.

“As a vegan, it is great to find plant-based meat substitute that can help you easily fit in enough protein day to day, whilst still tasting amazing.

“The Future Burger 4.0 is a staple in my diet while I’m training.”

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