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02nd Oct 2020

A new generation has discovered Mike Parry eating cinnamon

Oh Mike. Do NOT try this at home. It was stupid then and it is stupid now. Do not be like Mike Parry because you'll regret it.


Sorry cinnamon

It’s the video of legend. The kind of internet nugget you pass down through the ages. It’s also a morality tale about ignorance and arrogance. Now a new generation have discovered radio disk jockey and all-round braggadocio Mike Parry challenging himself to eat a whole tablespoonful of cinnamon with scant regard for the consequences.

Originating some six years ago, the video shows ‘Porky’ Parry proudly claiming that he has  “faced worse than tablespoons of cinnamon in my life,” before ignoring advice not to do so. The unsurprising result is a middle-aged man coughing up cinnamon still in its powder form and desperately gulping down water.

Re-uploaded by the Accidental Partridge account, a whole new generation are discovering the video for the first time. It shows Parry eating his words, if not the powdery foodstuff. Now of course the ‘cinnamon challenge’ was a stupid idea then and it’s a stupid idea now. Do not try this at home. Do not be like Mike. Cinnamon is ground tree bark, and doesn’t belong in anyone’s lungs.