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31st Jan 2022

McDonald’s creates Frankenstein ‘Land Air & Sea’ burger that needs to be seen to be believed

Simon Bland


Would you eat it?

McDonald’s has welcomed a new Frankenstein sandwich that features beef, fish and chicken all in one, inadvertently creating every vegetarian’s worst nightmare.

The ‘Land, Air & Sea’ is part of four new ‘menu hacks’ which are being rolled out across its American restaurants and allow customers to order this monster of a burger by name at the till.

Still, it won’t come pre-prepared. Instead, punters will be handed a Big Mac, McChicken sandwich and a Fillet-O-Fish sandwich and instructed to build the ‘Land, Air & Sea’ hybrid themselves.

Chickens can’t fly – so we’re not entirely sure how they fit into the ‘Air’ segment of this title – but all things considered, this is likely the least of a chicken’s problems whenever McDonald’s is concerned.

Other ‘hacks’ being formerly recognised by McDonald’s staff include the Crunchy Double, which consists of a double cheeseburger topped with six chicken nuggets; the Surf and Turf, which combines a Fillet-O-Fish with a double cheeseburger; and a Hash Brown McMuffin which – you guessed it – chucks a sausage and egg McMuffin together with a regular old hash brown.

However with the ‘Land, Air & Sea’ sandwich alone clocking in at 1,330 calories, 69 grams of fat and 160 milligrams of cholesterol, people online have been quick to judge these new menu combos.

“Three-quarters of those McDonald’s ‘menu hacks’ make me deeply uncomfortable because I can only see them as something you’d put together alone in your dark kitchen when your depression is at absolute rock bottom,” said one customer who presumably won’t be trying out the dish.

“McDonald’s new menu ‘hacks’ include the ‘Land, Air & Sea,’ which at 1330 calories probably can be ordered as ‘The Widow-maker.’ Skip the fries, order an accompanying cholesterol test,” added another.

Meanwhile, McDonald’s rival fast food chain Wendy’s cut to the chase, saying what we’re all thinking: “You guys know these are cheeseburgers and not an entertainment center from Ikea, right?”

These food hack will be rolled out from January 31 but as it stands, there’s currently no word on when – or if – UK stores will adopt the same courtesy.

That said, due to their hands-on construction methods, there’s nothing really stopping you from giving it a go yourself during your next trip to the golden arches.

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