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28th Jan 2022

UK’s first drive-thru kebab shop is coming soon

Kieran Galpin


2022 just got a little bit better

It’s a good day to live in the north and be a food aficionado – as an enormous drive-thru kebab restaurant is coming to the centre of Bolton.

On Moor Lane, close to Le Mans Crescent, a vacant building is set to be transformed into a one-stop-shop for all your kebab needs, Manchester Evening News reports.

Bolton Council is said to support the building application and has produced a CGI rendering of what the two-story eatery could look like upon opening. The sleek and stylish building certainly stands out amongst other fast-food joints that usually have their venues painted in every shade of red and yellow.

Kebab shop

Two signed displays can be seen in the renderings, one reading “Kebabs Done Right” and the other saying “German Doner Kebab.”

The building was previously used by the Mental Health Independent Support Team (MHIST) and Bolton NICE – but to be fair, kebabs are also a form of self-care.

The application has reportedly requested five on-site parking spaces but Bolton Highways says they need more information before deciding.


They said: “Owing to the premises location in relation to the highways around the town centre of Bolton, the applicant will need to submit some form of transport statement in order to justify the proposed change of use.

“The statement should provide a rough indication as to how accessibility to the premises will be controlled and how abuse of the one-way system on Gas Street will be prevented, as well as giving a rough indication of traffic impact from the proposed use.

“In its present form there is insufficient information available within the submission for the Highway Authority to fully comment.”

The plans will be discussed after consultations with neighbours about the Kebab shop moving in.

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