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29th Mar 2023

McDonald’s adds five new items to the menu

Callum Boyle

You’ll only have a limited time to try them

McDonald’s is having a shake-up as fast-food fans will have five new items on the menu to try as of today (Wednesday).

Some food items, including burgers and ice creams, were axed as part of the changes to the menu.

The change comes as part of McD’s regular menu shakeups as certain foods are only meant only temporary.

Wednesday was the last day you were able to enjoy the following items: Grand Big Mac, Grand Big Mac with Bacon, Chilli Cheese bites and Galaxy Chocolate McFlurry Galaxy Caramel McFlurry

The Sun noted that, given the items have been on the menu before, they may well return in the future.

Las time McDonald’s pulled the chilli cheese bites, fans were not happy.

The axed items are being replaced with four new additions, including a new burger. The Chicken Big Mac is returning and it’ll cost on average £4.49 on its own or £6.09 as a meal. You’ll also be able to pick up the classic mozzarella dippers for £2.19, or £6.19, as a sharebox.

The Easter favourites are also returning, including the Creme Egg and the Caramel Egg McFlurry. They’re £1.99 for a regular, £1.49 for the mini.

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