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08th Jan 2020

KFC vs Subway vs Greggs: Vegan lunch shootout

Joe Gilmore

It’s never been better to be a vegan

As veganism becomes more and more popular across the world, multinational food conglomerates and fast food chains are realising the value of cashing in on the demand for meat-free junk.

Why should meat eaters get all the fun of eating nutrition-free food when all of us, be we carnivore or herbivore, have an innate desire to occasionally sit down and eat something we know we’ll regret an hour later.

The launch of Greggs’ vegan sausage rolls and their new vegan steak bake was greeted with delight by vegans across the UK, with only the weirdest of meat eaters having any kind of problem with it.

Now, both KFC and sandwich chain Subway are in on the act, as they look to get it on the lunch market.

The truth is, however, that it’s one thing to have the option. The taste though is something different altogether. With this in mind we decided to spend our lunchtime going from fast food chain to fast food chain to see which of KFC’s, Greggs’ and Subway’s vegan options are truly worth your money.