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14th Nov 2023

McDonald’s fans stunned after finding out what Sweet ‘n’ Sour sauce is made from

Nina McLaughlin

McDonald’s lovers have been left baffled after finding out how Sweet ‘n’ Sour sauce is made.

The dips at McDonald’s can make or break your meal.

There is just something plain wrong about eating chips without ketchup to dip, or nuggets without any delicious BBQ sauciness.

However, fans of the fast food outlet have been left shocked after finding out what one of their most popular sauces is made from.

Sweet ‘n’ Sour sauce is a staple of the McDonald’s menu, but a TikTok recently went viral and left fans shocked after explaining what the sauce contains.

Radio hosts from Melbourne in Australia left listeners baffled after bringing it up.

Lauren Phillips and co-host Jason Hawkins were enjoying a Maccies, when Phillips said: “Jason, you need to get into those nuggets and get into in particular your favourite sauce.”

She added: “Would you believe, it is actually apricot flavour?”

Hawkins halted his eating and discarded his apparently half-eaten nugget at the revelation, claiming that he ‘hates apricots’.

The official McDonald’s website describes the sauce as “blend[ing] flavours of apricot and peach with savoury spices and leaves a slight lingering heat.”

Fans responded to Phillips’ revelation in the comments of the video.

“You have ruined my favourite sauce,” one person put.

“I can now never have Sweet ‘n’ Sour sauce again,” a second said.

“Now that I’ve heard that it actually does taste like apricot. Big Mac sauce and nuggets is where it is at though,” a third wrote.

While a fourth commented: “My husband is the same, hates Apricot. Despises apricot chicken the most too. Haha I can’t wait to tell him.”