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30th Jan 2020

Black Pudding: The most underrated part of a Full English?


Wheat, barley, pig’s fat and pig’s blood

That’s all that goes into black pudding, a blood sausage delicacy that has been around as long as humans have been keeping and farming livestock. Despite its enduring popularity, however, particularly in the Midlands, North West and Scotland, it isn’t for everyone. There is no more obvious litmus test for a fry-up than the inclusion or exclusion of a couple of black puddings.

For some it’s the most essential part of any Full English Breakfast. The bit they can’t live without. For others it’s the one ingredient they turn their noses up at, and maybe offer to their hungry dad, always sniping for extra leftovers.

We travelled to Bury to settle the matter for ourselves – any excuse for a fry-up – and find out a little bit more about the phenomenon that is the black pudding.

What goes best with black pudding? Another black pudding, apparently.