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24th Feb 2024

Airfryer expert reveals how to get perfect chips every time

Ryan Price

Definitely one to try this weekend!

We all know that chips from an air fryer just hit different, and not only is it quick, but they often come out extra crispy aswell and who doesn’t love that.

Now, an expert from one of the main air fryer manufacturers, Philips, has revealed some top tips to get the most out of your favourite way of consuming chips.

Martin Senders, a self-declared air fryer chef, has said that there’s a way of cooking chips in your air fryer that not only enhances the texture and flavour, but also gives them that gourmet, street-food style look that we’re all attracted to.

In his cooking column at The Independent, Senders said: “There’s no denying that chips – whether chunky, crinkle cut or fries – work brilliantly in the air fryer. However, there’s no reason you can’t improve on a classic.”

He then goes on to outline a number of steps that he promises will level up your fries game.

The first element is to dry your potatoes thoroughly after chopping and washing them.

Senders suggests; “after cutting your potatoes, be sure to give them a quick pat with some dry kitchen roll or paper towels, to get them as dry as possible.

This helps to remove moisture, paving the way for extra crispy chips with that heavenly fluffy inside.”

Next up is to go easy on the amount.

“There’s a reason people say ‘don’t cook when you’re hungry'”; Senders states. “Overfilling your air fryer drawer can be tempting when you’re famished, but it can stop the air circulating properly. If you’re cooking a big portion, cooking your chips in batches is an easy way to avoid the over-crowding.”

Lastly, and perhaps the most creative step of the three, is to ‘get criss-crossing’.

Senders instructs readers who are cooking a large batch for multiple friends and family to try “laying your chips down in a criss-cross or lattice shape, as this allows the hot air to circulate fully around the chips for a deliciously crispy exterior.

He adds: “Continue to layer the chips on top of each other in this format to cook as many crispy chips as possible.”

So there you have it. If you’re having some mates over tonight or just looking to feast on a plate of them all to your self, Senders has you covered.

The air fryer master also gives some recipes to try including a loaded fries one which features kidney beans and avocado and a veggie option which involves parsnip and carrot to help make you feel slightly less guilty about stuffing your face with copious amounts.

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