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02nd Nov 2019

Vegan bodybuilder Hench Herbivore says you don’t need meat to build muscle

You don't need meat to build muscle, according to vegan bodybuilder Hench Herbivore. After seeing the impact on animals, he made a pledge to go plant-based

Wayne Farry

You don’t need meat to get hench, according to one vegan bodybuilder

Most people say that vegans are low energy, but Norwich-based bodybuilder Hench Herbivore claims you can go meat-free and still make maximum gains.

Paul Kerton began life as most bodybuilders do – by eating a whole load of animal protein and enjoying it (alongside the huge gains he made along the way).

But after seeing the impact of his diet on the animals themselves, he made a pledge to go completely plant-based in his approach.

JOE caught up with Kerton, who is now a leading vegan bodybuilder, personal trainer and nutritionist, for the latest episode of our series Plant Powered, to find out how he maintains his physique without meat, and why being vegan is so important to him.

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