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13th Apr 2016

This brave man tried strongman Eddie Hall’s 10,000-calorie diet in one go

This is just crazy...

Ben Kenyon

British strongman Eddie Hall is a monster of a man.

The World’s Strongest Man competitor weighs in at 28 stone and holds the all-time deadlift record at an eye-watering 465kg.

He fuels his ferocious strength workouts by eating 10,000 calories throughout the day.

If the thought of ploughing through all that food every day is making you queasy – it should, because it would take a normal human bloke four days to polish it off.

You’d have to be bonkers to even contemplate it, right?

But Adam Moran, the brains and belly behind BeardMeatsFood, for some reason was wondering whether he could do it in one. No, not one day – just one gargantuan, gut-busting meal.

We remember the poor bloke who had a crack at eating The Rock’s diet one day – it didn’t end well. And those puny portions were barely half of what the four-time Britain’s Strongest Man winner puts away.

But Adam, despite being a personal trainer, is also a competitive eater…and he’s pretty damn good at it.

The total weight of the food Eddie Hall consumes every day came to 7.5kg. That’s more than a stone.

This was what was on the menu…

Breakfast:  750ml smoothie and two scoops of protein powder

Breakfast 2: Eight egg omelette, 100g of oats and five pieces of fruit

Morning snack: Green tea mixed with coconut oil. Then 75g of whole almonds

Lunch: Two chicken breasts, rice and vegetables. Protein mousse

Snack: Three banana smoothie, almonds and peanut butter

And then: One litre of cranberry juice. One litre of buttermilk

There’s more? One litre of coconut water and two scoops of protein

Evening meal: 600g of spaghetti bolognese and more protein mousse

That’s why Eddie Hall lifts iron like this…

It sounds like an impossible amount for anyone to eat in a single day – nevermind in under an hour – especially when you see it all laid out on the table.

But Adam attacks it valiantly and it probably took him less time to see it all off than it did to prepare the bloody thing.

Rather you than us, man…