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14th May 2019

Marine who left military due to health problems shares workout which got him fighting fit

An ex-Marine who overcame health problems to become one of London's most sought-after PTs has now shared the workout which got him fighting fit again

Alex Roberts

An ex-Royal Marines Commando who overcame health problems to become one of London’s most sought-after PTs has now shared the workout which got him back into shape

John Georgeson served as a Marine assigned to a reconnaissance and counter-terrorism troop based in Faslane, Scotland. Operations included close protection of Trident, the UK’s nuclear deterrent.

Georgeson battled health issues after being medically discharged from the Marines. He was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, but it was in this diagnosis where he found his true passion for fitness.

Through transforming his own body and getting back into shape, Georgeson wanted to help others do the same.

“I was medically discharged after being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, which is where I found my passion for training and healthy eating. Through transforming my own body, it makes me extremely passionate about helping others do the same.”

John Georgeson served as a Royal Marine, but was discharged due to diabetes

He joined the London branch of Ultimate Performance as a personal trainer, where he has quickly progressed through the ranks.

Fighting fit

We asked Georgeson how he got fighting fit again after leaving the military. He said:

I weight train five times per week on average (specific body parts) and track everything I eat.

“I also monitor my sleep, heart rate and my recovery status – as this information gives me crucial data to keep my health and, most importantly, blood sugars in check. Previously I have competed twice in Men’s Physique shows and have done numerous photo shoots.”

Life as a Marine also enhanced Georgeson’s approach to getting both himself and personal training clients in shape.

“I learned the ability to work hard and be disciplined around a routine, as well as learning to work around obstacles such as controlling your environment and adapting to your situation.

“The training in the Marines pushes your body and mind to a place you never knew existed, which completely changes your point of view that you can actually push yourself further and therefore create amazing results from this new belief.”

Georgeson is now a sought-after personal trainer in London

Applying this method to your training can help you achieve an array of goals. Whether you’re looking to build muscle and burn fat a regimented approach pays dividends.

“Losing weight or building muscle is a process in which you need to step outside your comfort zone, both mentally and physically.

“On average, our clients train just three hours per week with us and do a little of their own cardio outside of the gym. Effort in a training session is something that is taught and as the client gets stronger through the process, this reinforces the belief that they can push harder than ever before.”

Marine-style workout

  • Press-ups (narrow): 25 reps
  • Pull-ups (wide): as many reps as possible in 30 seconds
  • Sit-ups: 25 reps
  • Circuit run: 800m, aim to complete in under three mins
  • Press-ups (wide): 25 reps
  • Pull-ups (narrow): as many reps as possible in 30 seconds
  • Lying leg raises: 25 reps
  • Circuit run: 800m, aim to complete in under three mins

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