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03rd Aug 2017

Research says people with light coloured eyes are more egocentric, competitive and sceptical

Know anyone that fits this bill?

Paul Moore

Know anyone that fits this bill?

Windows to the soul, the first thing you notice about someone else and a telltale sign that somebody’s hungover. All perfectly apt descriptions for eyes, but it appears that there’s more to our peepers than meets the…erm, eye.

According to a piece of research that was published in Current Biology, there’s a direct correlation between an individual’s personality characteristics and the colour of their eyes.

In broad terms, the study showed that people with a lighter eye colour – blue, light green, grey – tended to be more egocentric, competitive and skeptical. Another facet to this research showed that people with lighter eyes also tend to consume more alcohol.

Why is this? Well, in their own words: “The rare-color advantage of light eyed females, is likely to increase the chance of being noticed by a male. Moreover, competitive personality traits (such as wanting to beat others and being sceptical of others’ intentions) secure the long-term commitment necessary for self and offspring survival.”

As for people with brown eyes, or an extremely dark tinge to their iris’ – the opposite is true. In fact, the study states that brown eyed people tend to be gritty and self-sufficient.

One negative aspect to having dark eyes is found in a another study though because they argue that darker eyed people require less alcohol to become intoxicated.

Now that you know this information, do you know any people that fit this description? If you’ve an eye for detail, you’ll notice. Eye-eye!