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20th Jan 2020

One man’s inspiring 330lbs body transformation

Alex Roberts

Losing weight is no easy task

Many of us would, rightly or wrongly, like to lose a bit of weight. But it is often far easier said than done. The level of commitment it can take to cut down on your intake of food, and at the same time increasing your exercise, can be too much for some.

Add to this the fact that many people must reverse years and perhaps even decades of bad habits, and it’s understandable why the prospect of losing weight can be so daunting for so many people.

It is possible, however.

At his heaviest, Brandon Pickup weighed 23-and-a-half stone. This is the incredible story of how he dropped nine stone, lost weight, improved his health and turned his life around.

A former rugby league player with Castleford Tigers, Brandon has battled obesity and depression to lose over 130lbs – 60 kilos in bodyweight.

His father’s health signalled a change for him, and now Brandon has his sights set on stepping onto the bodybuilding stage or competing at World’s Strongest Man.

Brandon had fallen into a vicious cycle of force feeding every day, missing out on sleep and lacking any routine or motivation. When his dad developed sepsis and came within an inch of death, it prompted the Yorkshireman to turn his own health around.